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How to post more videos without burning out

Rely on pacing, simplicity, and platform insights to be consistent and effective with video.
Finding it hard to create video content for your page? I get it, and I wanna help! 🥰

All it takes is starting small.

Start by adding one video/reel per week to your existing strategy for a month — that’s only 4 videos! Plan what you want to do, save audio you want to use (trending audio with less than 10k uses often works really well) and then take an hour to shoot them all at once.

Keep your posting schedule consistent — at the same time, on the same day of every week.

Let insights lead decision making

Once you’ve posted one video per week for a month, go into 'Insights' > 'Accounts Reached' to see what type of content is getting the most engagement. You’ll very likely see that reels are working beautifully for you, in which case, you should then see what happens if you do 2 per week!

Focus on simplicity, NOT perfection.

This one’s important: Don’t put so much pressure on being perfect because you’ll NEVER end up posting anything. Some of my most engaged reels took me 20 seconds to shoot, and only one take.

Take inspiration from others you admire

Don’t pressure yourself to reinvent the wheel when you first start either. Reels are the perfect place to take inspiration from other pages and turn ideas into something relevant to your business/industry.

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