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Kick your Social Strategy into High Gear

4 tips that will enhance any social media presence
Whether you're finding it hard to come up with posts, ⁠ your engagement is lower than normal,⁠ or you're just feeling totally lost in the social media world,⁠ ⁠ know that what you're feeling is all normal.⁠

1. Identify Your Content Pillars

Product Education, Tips & Tricks, Core Values....

Content Pillars are topics that correlate with your brand. Generally businesses have around 4 that they post about on a regular basis. They can help clarify your thinking and brainstorming at the start of your strategic planning, and will guide and stimulate creativity over the long term.

2. Follow an 80-20 Rule

80% Relatable Value, 20% Promotional

Not all content is created equal, yet so many businesses put just as much focus on their promotional material that they do on value-driven posts. Most of your posts (around 80%,) should work to intrigue, relate to, and provide value to your potential and existing customers. Only 20% should do the selling.

3. Read your Insights

Make More of Your Top- Performing Posts.

If you have a business page, you should be regularly monitoring what types of posts work well for you. This can be done on Instagram by going to Insights > Content you Shared and toggling to Post Interactions for the last 30 days. From that point, analyze the most successfull and well-engaged posts and extract 3-5 styles in which you can create similar posts in the future.

4. Create an engagement list

Get Your Dream Clients On Board

If you want engagement, you gotta give it! Write down as many dream clients/customers as you can. Each week, give 10 or so your full attention on their new and recent posts.

The goal is to be genuine and curious about the posts they're sharing, so they start to feel comfortable with you(r brand), in turn, excited to join your online community.

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