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4 types of posts to boost trust with your audience

Take your ideal customers from strangers through to loyal buyers.
Whether you're finding it hard to come up with posts, ⁠your engagement is lower than normal,⁠ or you're just feeling uninspired, use this post 'flow' to build trust, familiarity and loyalty with your online community.

1. Build Awareness

Think: What types of content will help introduce your ideal buyer to your brand and inspire them to share your posts with more people?

Whether it's on-brand memes or relatable Reels, content that will hook your ideal audience in and introduce them to your brand should be awareness- building content. This form of content isn't necessarily about your brand, but it needs to be highly relatable to your ideal customer. The goal of these types of posts should be to inspire your audience to share your content with others who could relate to it, or save it for later viewing,

2. Create Intrigue

Think: What content will intrigue your ideal buyer to learn more about your product/service?

At this stage in your content flow, posts should speak directly to your customer's pain points — the daily problems they face. Creating intrigue is often accomplished when you relate to someone on a personal level. So tell stories, go deep...anyone who can relate to you will find your content irresistible, and look to you when you say your brand could be a solution the their problem.

3. Build Desire

Think: What content will get your ideal buyer more excited about YOUR product/service over your competitors?

Content at this stage should provide social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, or before and afters to show your ideal customer there's undeniable proof in your puddin'. When we see proof of someone achieving what we want, our desire for it builds.

4. Spark Action

Think: What content could get your ideal buyer to commit to purchasing your product/service right now?

At this stage your customers should have enough trust in your brand, that they're comfortable taking action when you ask them to — whether that's shopping through the link in your bio,  booking an appointment, or something else!

Keep this content flow in mind when creating your content calendar to help gradually take your ideal buyer from stranger through to becoming a loyal customer.
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