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About KJ

About KJ Social

How I combined a love for storytelling and photography into one great career.
Meet the crew

The power of one.

KJ Social focuses on a few things we do VERY well. Anything you need help with outside of that, we bring in trusted partners for to ensure you always have an expert working for you.
Kristi Jo Nikkel
Founder & Director

Kristi has a deep love for copywriting, content creation, social coaching, and brand photography.

Taylor Francisco
Social Media Manager & Strategist

Tayler is an excellent content writer and creator. She is a local fashion and mental health influencer and KJ Social’s assistant strategist.

My journey to founding KJ Social.

I was the kid in grade school who wrote short stories while other kids played during free time...I actually wrote in a grade four journal that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. Writing has always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until I majored in advertising, that my love for storytelling became highly brand focused.

Post-English degree and Creative Communications diploma, I learned fairly quickly the important role storytelling through social media could play in the success of a small business. I was particularly hooked on Instagram from a marketing, communications and photography perspective, and became fascinated with the community aspect of the platform.

It was at my first real full-time marketing job at a local ice cream shop, that I figured out social media was what I wanted to focus on in the marketing world. I had built an Instagram following of over 11,000 highly engaged virtual strangers — each of which, seemed to become as invested in the brand’s success as the team that ran it, and that was something special.

As I nurtured that community online for the year I was there, I watched how my storytelling and photography skills took a brand new, family-run business, and turned it into a highly sought out destination for locals and tourists alike. Of course, a delicious product brought people back time and time again (it really was the best ice cream I've ever tasted,) but when asked what brought them there in the first place, the answer was almost always “Instagram.”

Once I realized social media marketing was my favourite part of going to work every day, I knew I wanted to do that on a bigger scale.

Cue the beginning of KJ Social.

The Journey

January, 2019
Awarded, again
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July, 2019
Our new HQ
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August, 2019
We re-branded Hubble
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September, 2019
Meet our new CEO
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