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As Chaeban Ice Cream's Marketing and Communications Director during their first year of business, I was responsible for much more than just their social media, but it was the success of their Instagram page, and the community built around it, that ultimately inspired me to help more businesses experience the same digital success.

Chaeban wanted to be known as the super-premium ice cream destination of Winnipeg. My job was to make sure their marketing reflected that.

Louis Lavender — named for Louis Riel, made out of Manitoba-grown lavender and Saskatoon berries.

With high-end imagery, cheeky menu descriptions, and of course, a delicious product, they quickly reached that goal and many others...

In their first four months, the shop was recognized by a Vancouver magazine as Western Canada’s 2018 Foodies of The Year.

Just a few months later, they won the Great Manitoba Food Fight competition, and it wasn’t long until they reached their goal to sell their pints in local shops across Manitoba.

During this time their following was growing by nearly 100 new people per day, and they still had multiple new followers every day almost a year later.

When I left to start KJ Social in December 2018, their follower count had reached 11.4K, having started in from 0, about one year earlier.

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