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Brand Photography

Your business and brand can and should look amazing.
Social Media Management

A+ capture and editting

Let’s make you look good… really good.
Kristi got started in the creative field with photography back in 2012 and has been shooting with local brands since.

One common complaint that comes up with clients Kristi has worked with, is they hired a photographer who insisted on sticking with one editing style, and now their photos don’t feel on-brand.

Well you don’t have to worry about that with us. We shoot and edit for YOU and have experience working with all kinds of industries and aesthetics.

On-site or in-studio, Kristi can capture what you do best, so you can start attracting the right customers.



Photos and Reels Bundle

Starting at $1,950

Get 2-3 months worth of branded content created by Instagram professionals— all in one bundle.

  • 40 high-res brand photos
  • 8 curated, trendy reels
  • Option to add influencers
    to increase  your reach
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Brand Photography FAQs

Everyone's social media situation is unique, but the following frequently asked questions may provide some clarity on social media management.
Working with you has seriously been a breath of fresh air. I hope we can always work together!"
Sarah, (Winnipeg spa brand)
"I love, love, love this batch [of content!] Definitely getting the right vibe"
Monica (Winnipeg Event Planning Brand)
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